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What is TROLLz

TROLLz is a unique collection of 6969 NFTs by 6ix9ine. The collection consists of 120+ atributtes and characteristics. TROLLz model is to give back to charity and holders while creating a fun experience for fans and crypto users worldwide.



What is the point? What are the long term goals?

TROLLz is a fan based NFT collection made to interact with 6ix9ine's fans and supporters but also give long term value to holders. TROLLz is made to be a community driven project that gives ALL ROYALTIES BACK TO HOLDERS and several charitable donations.

Mint price?

2 SOL. Solana is preferable for many reasons, including it's cheap gas fees and quick transactions. On other hand, ETH has ridiculously high gas fees and it's transactions are too slow. Also, Solana is cheaper than ETH.


- 1: On sellout, there will be a total of $100,000.00 donation ($20,000) to 5 differents charities!

- 2: On Sellout, a VERIFIED HOLDERS chat will be made and TROLLz holders will be able to vote on a weekly poll of what the royalty wallet funds will do. Whether its Giving Away to Charity or giving back to Holders.

- 3: There will be Weekly Raffles & Prize competitions to holders!


While we are making a game, the TROLLz team is not promising you a metaverse with Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D gaming that changes the scope of the Crypto universe. There will be a 2D game of Two TROLLz fighting/boxing to be the best TROLL in the TROLLzverse. Each week's winner on the leaderboard gets the prize pool!

Is this a scam or rugpull?

R U DUMB? No! This is a project in direct correlation with 6ix9ine. He is aware and privy to the inner workings going on behind the scenes. This project is directly influenced by his involvement, so anything promised on TROLLz web/discord will be delivered.